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AS index : M0010

Brand new Midtronics MDX335P 12 Volt battery analyzer


Producer: AS-PL

Replacement for: Universal


Termin realizacji: 10 dni

Lead time: 10 days

12 Volt vehicle battery analyzer Midtronics MDX335P
Professional vehicle battery tester with integrated printer

Same unit like Midtronics 325P but with additional testing procedures and with some additional tests. Equipped with an integrated thero printer it is now easy to document the tests results of a battery check for your clients. The MIDTRONICS MDX-300-units allow to check and analyze the condition of all kind of vehicle batteries and display the results of a test within seconds.

The MIDTRONICS MDX-335P performs quick, simple, and accurate battery or system tests in seconds without heat, sparks, or user interpretation. The results can then be printed and reviewed immediately with customers for added impact to preventative maintenance routines and customer service.

Using patented conductance technology and time-tested reliability, Midtronics testers are required for warranty testing and preventative maintenance at automotive dealers and service providers around the world.

Features of the MIDTRONICS MDX Series
• Integrated printer provides immediate results to review with the customer
• User-defined printout header (335p model)
• Tests 12 volt batteries and electrical systems for cars and light trucks
• Tests starting and charging system voltage and displays results
• Tests batteries from 100 to 900 CCA
• Bad cell detection
• Reverse polarity protection
• Tests discharged batteries down to 1 volt
• Multiple rating system compatible (CCA, DIN, EN, IEC, SAE)
• Tests multiple battery chemistries: standard (flooded), AGM,
and GEL
• 19 Languages

Special tests with MIDTRONICS MDX 335p battery analyzer
AGM and GEL battery testing
Battery diagnosis SOH (State-of-Health)
Temperature compensation
Starting and Alternator test
Servo Technology (only 335p model)
Voltmeter mode (startup and menu) (only 335p model)
Workshop address (on printout)(only 335p model)
Surface charge removal procedure (only 335p model)

Technical data:
MDX-300 Series
Display: LCD text display
Temperature Compensation: Tester prompted
Operating Temperature:0˚C to 50˚C / 32˚F to 120˚F
Test Range:
• 100-900 CCA
• 100-550 DIN
• 100-900 EN
• 100-550 IEC
• 100-900 SAE
Built-in Printer:Powered by battery under test
Voltage Range:Tests 12-volt batteries down to 1 volt
Cable Length:533,4 mm / 21 in
Power Requirements:Uses power of battery under test or 9-volt battery
Voltmeter:0,9-16 Vdc, +/- 0,05 Vdc
Languages:19 languages
Housing Material:Acid resistant ABS plastic
Dimensions:230 mm x 102 mm x 65 mm / 9 in x 4 in x 2.5 in
Weight: 499 g / 1.16 lb

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